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How is ItsDri different from other sweatproof undershirts in the market?

You should find that out yourself (really!). We believe that ItsDri undershirts are the best available in the market because:

  • Premium fabric - we only use premium Lenzing Micro Modal fabric. That means that unlike other cotton based undershirts, our shirts feel cooler, absorb sweat 60% more, do not lose their shape and look good!
  • Copper Infused inner layer - we are the only sweatproof undershirt using real copper infused fabric for inner layer. With its proven antibacterial and anti-odor properties, copper ensures that your undershirt smells nice, even after one full day of wear
  • Unparalleled performance - Our undershirts provide the best sweatproof performance with our proprietary Aqua-Block tech. Its not just us saying that - Hyperhidrosis Network, a trusted resource for Hyperhidrosis community agrees!
  • Extended refund guarantee - unlike other undershirts, we are so confident that you'd like ItsDri that we offer a 60 days, no-questions asked, 100% refund policy. Try our shirts, wash them, try them again, wash them again.. do it for 60 days. If you don't like it, just let us know and we'd refund you.

How should I take care of my ItsDri Sweatproof Undershirt?

Its quite simple, just follow few basic rules and you should be able to enjoy your ItsDri undershirt for a long time:

  • Do not bleach - bleaching destroys the sweatproof layer. You do not want that
  • Do not dryclean - same as above
  • Do not wear in night - which there is no harm in sleeping with your awesome ItsDri undershirt since it makes you look good, you can extend the fabric life by not wearing it in the night as you likely do not sweat sleeping
  • Machine dry at low temprature

Women's undershirt / Bra?

We know, we know!

We did not mean to ignore women. Its just that we are a startup and we are trying to keep complexity at minimum to manage our logistics well.

However now that we are well set, and with all the feedback we have received from users, we'd be launching a women's line soon. Stay tuned.

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XXL (eXtra Large) or XS (eXtra Small) sizes?

Same as above

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I want a different style

Same as above

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60 Days 100% Refund - Is that true?

Yes, it is true. We offer the most competitive refund policy in the industry - that's how confident we are that you'd like our undershirts.

You can use, reuse, wash, rewash our udnershirts for 60 days. If you do not like them at that point, simply let us know and we'd refund 100% of your money. Please note that this refund policy applies to a single undershirt and to your first order only. Thats reasonable - aint it?

Please read our detailed return policy here


We ship the products directly from our manufacturing locations worldwide - this model allows us to offer you the best sweat proof undershirt at the most efficient cost, while ensuring speedy delivery.

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