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About Us

- Our Mission -
To provide the best apparel to manage excessive sweat in a cost efficient manner.
At ItsDri, we want to solve the problem of embarrassing underarm sweat marks that has caused untold number of social awkward situations, and yellow sweat stains that have ruined countless light shirts.
There are several solutions available in the market - ranging from oral medication to iontophoresis to Microwave and Surgery. We believe that while all of these treatments have their place, We also believe that SweatProof apparel is the most practical, chemical free and non-invasive solution to this problem.
ItsDri undershirts are designed by Robert and Carol - both long time Hyperhidrosis patients. We have personally suffered with the unfortunate implications of excessive underarm sweat, and designed ItsDri line of apparel specifically to eliminate that.
We sincerely hope you'd love our undershirts as much as we do. If you don't, or if you have any suggestions, please do reach out to us at or We read each email personally, and reply to as soon as we can. If you write to us, you will hear back - thats a promise.
Now, go ahead, and try that dry underarm feeling today!