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How to Not Sweat In Dress Shirts

Inspite of how the world is quickly moving towards a more casual workplace, its obvious that dress shirts are here to stay. And with that, comes the age old problem - how to not sweat in dress shirt! Its difficult ofcourse - a tight neck, often accompanied by tight sleeves and cuffs and god forbid a tie.. perhaps under a 3 piece suite?

Fear not - there are options, and many of them. With some planning, its is easy to not sweat in a dress shirt. Read on.

How to not sweat in dress shirts? There are 3 broad options:

How to not sweat in dress shirts? Option 1:

Choose your fabric wisely

Unless you have hyperhidrosis (excessive sweat), or if you are in an especially stressful or hot/humid environment, something as simple as changing your dress shirt fabric can get you a dress shirt that keeps you cool.

Go for fabrics that allow your body to evaporate sweat effectively. Many people wrongly assume a sweat wicking dress shirt is what they need - just the opposite. A sweat wicking fabric will instead pull the sweat from your body and quickly evaporate it - but in the process, it will show the sweat on your dress shirt. What you need are fabrics that will allow your body to breathe and keep the air flow going - cotton is usually a good bet. Do not go for nylon/ polyester or other such material that will not do that and thus show sweat marks on your dress shirt.

How to not sweat in dress shirts? Option 2: 

Dress shirts that don't show sweat

There are several brands that offer special sweat proof dress shirts, i.e. dress shirts that don't show sweat. Lets look at a few:

Lawrence Hunt - Launched on Kickstarter, the Detroit-based Lawrence Hunt brand ingeniously combines Egyptian cotton shirting with a subtle patch of performance mesh in the armpit. 

How to not sweat in dress shirts - Lawrence-Hunt dress shirts that do not show sweat

Calvin Klein - Calvin Klein's Steel performance line uses wicking cotton fabric to evaporate moisture. Its a dress shirt that keeps you cool with its fabric and construction.

How to not sweat in dress shirts - Calvin-Klein dress shirts that do not show sweat

Ministry of Supply - Ministry of Supply's Daystarter Dress Shirt ($95) claims you could run a marathon in it if you wanted to.  These shirts that don't show sweat marks even after strenuous activity.

How to not sweat in dress shirts - Ministry-of-Supply dress shirts that do not show sweat


Mizzen+Main/Norris - Founded in 2012, Mizzen+Main has been graining ground with its premium, moisture-wicking, no-iron shirts. These are one of the best moisture wicking dress shirts. Shirts like Mizzen and Main are the reason why this is an entirely new category of dress shirts!

How to not sweat in dress shirts - shirts like Mizzen-Main dress shirts that do not show sweat


Fairwear -  The signature Lycra-blended cotton is breathable and moisture wicking, as well as anti-bacterial, and a performance gusset reinforces the armpits. These are one of the best shirts that don't show sweat marks

How to not sweat in dress shirts - Norris-Check dress shirts that do not show sweat

While investing in a special dress shirt that does not show sweat is not a bad idea, things can get expensive pretty quickly. Also, these sweat proof dress shirts are not as flexible as another option, a sweat proof undershirt! 

How to not sweat in dress shirts?

Option 3: Invest in a sweat proof undershirt

A sweat proof undershirt like ItsDri offers you the performance of a sweat proof dress shirt, but with the versatility of making virtually any dress shirt the best moisture wicking dress shirt! 

How it works is simple - you weat ItsDri Sweat Proof Undershirt just like any other undershirt. You wear your dress shirt over it, just like you usually do. And that's it! The unique 3 layer construction, along with cotton infused premium modal means that the sweat never shows on your expensive dress shirts and no odor builds up. It helps that ItsDri is the longest sweat proof undershirt - so it does not bunch up and gather around your trunk like others do

Try our sweat proof  undershirt along with your dress shirt - we guarantee you that your shirts won't  show sweat marks.