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Buying Sweat Proof Undershirt: A Comprehensive Guide

Guide to Buying Sweat Proof Undershirt

Note: This "Guide for buying sweat proof apparel" has been contributed generously by Hyperhidrosis Network, a leading online community and excellent resource for Hyperhidrosis patients. All views expressed in this blog are theirs. 



So you are thinking of buying a sweat proof undershirt to manage your excessive underarm sweat? Good choice - sweat proof apparel can be a highly effective, yet non-invasive and chemical free solution to manage underarm sweat stains.

However, if you are new to this market, you will soon discover a mind boggling variety of options available and its easy to get lost, or to make a wrong choice. There are virtually endless brands/products (e.g. Ejis, Sweat Shield, ItsDri, NanoDry, ThompsonTee, Sutran, Kleinart etc.). This post will help you decide which sweat proof undershirts may be right for you, which one to buy, and where to buy it from.

Key considerations in buying sweat proof apparel

Buying sweat proof apparel is slightly (a lot!) different from buying regular apparel.  You need to consider the following aspects while choosing which sweat proof undershirt is right for you:

  • Your problem area - the sweat proof undershirt should target your problem area (just underarms, or overall)?
  • Sales Channel - Go with the product having their own store instead of fly by night operators that may sell only through third party platforms (e.g. Amazon or eBay)
  • Sweat proof performance of the undershirts - not all undershirts calling themselves "sweat proof" are actually that.
  • Odor resistant feature - sweat causes odor. Ideally, the sweat proof undershirt should resist any odor build up
  • Pricing - The price range is extremely wide, and often not clear enough. Ensure you consider the full price including shipping as some products may charge very high S&H charges.
  • Money back guarantee - Go with the product offering a comprehensive money back guarantee if you do not like the undershirt, given its not cheap

Lets take these one by one

Buying sweat proof undershirt: What's your problem area

Most of the sweat proof apparel target the underarm region. And that is fine since axillary hyperhidrosis is one of the most common types of hyperhidrosis. Almost any of the true sweat proof apparel brands will have products for underarm region (e.g. ItsDri, Thompson Tee, Ejis etc.)

However, if you are looking for a sweat proof apparel that helps you in other areas (e.g. back, trunk, genitals, buttocks etc.), you will have far fewer choices and you need to find the ones that address your specific area (e.g. Ejis, Sweat Shield and Sutran offers sweat proof trunks, Sweat Shield has an undershirt that covers the  back and so on)

The point is - the sweat proof apparel typically address a specific area of the body, so choose your product carefully to ensure it covers you.

Buying sweat proof undershirt: Sales Channel

Amazon is de facto the place where you'd probably go first to check sweat proof undershirts. However, that may not be the best route to go.

Here's why - sweat proof undershirts are still an emerging category, with a lot of fly by night operators who find it quite easy to setup shops on Amazon or Ebay since it does not require much investment. If you are looking for a product that's aiming to stay long term, go with one that has invested in its brand and its own online store (example - ItsDri, ThompsonTee, Ejis, Sutran etc.) While many of these brands also sell on Amazon/EBay as an additional channel, the fact that they are not dependent on those third party channels and have their own online stores suggest that they have intentions to stay long term.

Also, often the independent stores can provide you with better rates (special offers, free shipping etc.) as compared to marketplaces like Amazon/eBay and provide you with more responsive customer service and guidance about using the apparel optimally.

Another thing to know - avoid going for super cheap "sweat proof undershirts" that you may find on chinese portals (aliexpress etc.). They are cheap for a reason. For similar reasons, I do not advise going for unknown brands found at WalMart and other stores.

Buying sweat proof undershirt: Sweat Proof Performance

Needless to say, you are considering the sweat proof undershirt hoping that it will help you with those sweat stains.  Most well known brands in this space provide pretty good performance.

Read the expert reviews carefully before you make a decision. We have a few reviews of top sweat proof undershirts on hyperhidrosis network - check them out.

Buying sweat proof undershirt: Odor Resistance Performance

While sweat proofing is your key requirement, keep in mind that sweat causes bad body odor and containing that is as important as preventing sweat marks. Most of the sweat proof undershirts available in the market do a good job at preventing sweat marks, but miss the mark in terms of odor resistance (e.g. Thompson Tee, Sutran)

Go with a product that has features to prevent odor build up - e.g. ItsDri has copper infused inner fabric to provide anti-bacterial properties, and to prevent odor buildup, Ejis has similar mechanism using silver infusion. We have tried both and they both work extremely well.

Buying sweat proof undershirt: Fabric

Cotton, Modal and Micro Modals are the common fabric used for most sweat proof undershirt brands. Some brands (e.g. Nanodry) use  other fabric as well.

Your wearing experience will primarily be determined by the fabric, and thus its important to chose one that will fit well, make you feel good and cool.

We don't really like cotton sweat proof udnershirts for the simple reason that if you are spending this kind of money, the undershirt should better look good after a few washes, and unfortunately most cotton sweat proof undershirts look like a rag after as few as 4 washes.

So my advise is to spend a couple of extra $ and get a modal fabric undershirt - it will last much longer and make you 

Buying sweat proof undershirt: Price

Of Course, price is an important criteria in any purchase - more so in this case, perhaps. With conventional undershirts retailing for $3 a piece, its a step jump to consider sweat proof undershirts which cost order of magnitude higher.

Our market scan shows that good sweat proof undershirts retail somewhere between $25 - $40, depending on the fabric used and other features. However, unless shipping is already included in the pricing  (as is the case for ItsDri), the shipping costs may push your cost much higher (e.g Thompson Tee).

So, go for a undershirt made out of specialized material such as modal - you should be able to find good options in $25-$30 range. For example, ItsDri retails for $24.99 including shipping, Thompson Tee (slim fit) is for $32-$35 ($29.99 + shipping). Ejis is on slightly higher end of the pricing at $35 or so (including shipping).

Buying sweat proof undershirt: Money Back Guarantee

Sweat proof apparel is still a nascent industry and most people have not tried this category of sweat management tools. It may be a bit daunting to invest your hard earned money into something new and thats where money back guarantees come handy.

Thankfully, most of the brands offer a money back guarantee if you do not like the undershirt (notable exception being NanoDry which does not offer any refund/exchanges!). Sweat Shield undershirt actually offers a refund of 150%!

However, you need to understand the fine print to evaluate how good these guarantees really are:

  • Is there a return shipping fee? Some products want you to pay the return shipping fee (e.g. ThompsonTee, Sweat Shield)  which may make the return pointless/too-painful. Other products (e.g. Ejis, ItsDri) provide full 100% refund.
  • How long is the refund valid for? Most products provide a 30 days return timeframe. That is usually log enough for you to make up your mind. Some products (e.g. ItsDri) provide much longer return period (60 days) which is awesome and gives you much longer runway to play with.
  • WIll they accept used/washed items?  Ensure that the product accepts returns for used items - you will not be able to know if sweat proof undershirt is right for you without using it!
  • How many items does the guarantee apply to? If you are not sure if sweat proof undershirt is for you, order only 1 initially. Most 100% refund guarantees apply only for 1 item

Among the top tier sweat proof undershirts, I think that ItsDri and Ejis offer the best refund guarantee for peace of mind. Go with one of these brands and you'd be fine. 

So, to summarize

There are several promising options if you are considering sweat proof apparel to manage your excessive sweat. The right choice for you, of course, depends on your specific situation. 

You should be fine if you stick with any of the top brands. However, ItsDri with its premium fabric, great performance, odor resistance feature, 60 days 100% refund guarantee and the to-beat pricing should be a great sweat proof undershirt option for most.



Note: This blog has been contributed generously by Hyperhidrosis Network, a leading online community and excellent resource for Hyperhidrosis patients. All views expressed in this blog are theirs.