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Sweat Basics

  • Armpit Stains: What causes it, and How to remove them?

    "I love armpit stains" - nobody said EVER! Learn what causes these unsightly sweat marks, and what can you do to treat them, or better still, avoid them altogether!
  • Buying Sweat Proof Undershirt: A Comprehensive Guide

    Thinking of trying a sweat proof apparel to manage your excessive sweat? Congratulations  - you are on right track!

    However, things can get pretty confusing soon with so many options - read this exclusive guide written by Hyperhidrosis Network to understand how to identify the one that is right for you.

  • How to Not Sweat In Dress Shirts

    Wondering How to Not Sweat In Dress Shirts? Here are three proven ways -  learn more about dress shirts that do not show sweat (Mizzen+ Main, Ministry of Supply, Fairview etc), as well as more versatile option - ItsDri SweatProof Undershirts.